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Access your
medical records

Sign up to Medenotes so that you can get copies of your Barwon Health medical summaries and test results sent to you - automatically.

Having these reports will enable you to better understand your own health and gives you the power to provide health care providers with the medical information (about you) that they need.

This service is free and secure. Application is simple.

For more information regarding Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records (PCEHR) go to the following link or watch the the videos below.

Medenotes Bringing the PCEHR system to life
How will the PCEHR system benefit you? video 1 How will the PCEHR system benefit you? video 2

and protected

Medenotes records are stored in a world class data centre in Australia, with physical access limited by industry-standard access systems. The web system is hardened against attacks from hackers, and all communications to and from Medenotes are encrypted.

All activity on Medenotes is logged, for you to review at your discretion anytime. As an optional extra, you can activate the SMS Authentication feature, which sends single use codes via text message to your mobile phone when you log in. An optional emergency card has security features to prevent unauthorised tampering.

We take security seriously. Barwon Health, a Victorian Government hospital, and Alivate, an experienced software consultancy firm, overlook and advise for the Medenotes project. Government designated NEHTA standards, guide the development and administration of the service.

Privacy 100%

Medical information about you is yours by right. You should have total control over what is sometimes very sensitive information. When you start with medenotes, only you have access to your records, even doctors, government and researchers have no access from the beginning. From here you can add and remove access for individuals, organisations and groups.

You acheive this using the Profile Sharing feature, typing in the email address of the doctor or organisation, and choosing the options which meet your approval. This is not permanent, and can be changed as much as you want, whenever you feel. You can also specify if you want your de-identified information available for research.

If you have any particularly sensitive information, you can mark it as Private. This hides the notes on the screen, and requires your password to reveal the notes. This feature is intended particularly for potentially sensitive or embarassing information, and is even hidden from doctors unless specifically allow them access to such documents.